Saturday, August 13, 2005

The root cause of creativity?

I believe it's curiosity. Nuture it, encourage it in children. Without it, you're just another worker bee.

Now, to develop your creative chops, check this site out for dozens of different creative techniques (brainstorming is on there):

Creativity Techniques

Hats off to Darren Chan over at the Design Weblog for finding this one.


Anonymous said...

Make more podcasts! Family schmamily!

Anonymous said...

Well... family is important but I do want to know how you went from being a film/english major to where you are today. Why did you end up in technology? Are you still pursuing your youthful and ambitious interests? Are you being creative in your journey into what you want do for a living? Did you give up on your dreams and decide to live with justifications and excuses?

Color me curious.

Anonymous said...