Monday, October 31, 2005


Here's another goody:

Communication Nation is the blog for XPLANE, a visual communications company. Actually, a visual thinking company. Anyone who's heard of mind-mapping will know the power of visualiztion for ideas. Well this blog has a ton of ideas on how to communicate visually.

Let's face it, you may have great ideas, but if no one can understand them they will not get any traction. Unless you're a millionaire. If you are, email me! :)

Actually, I always had a problem voicing my opinions in meetings. When I would, often people in the room didn't "get it." I come from a history of speech and debate, and it bothered me that folks didn't listen to my ideas. This changed once I learned how to frame and communicate my ideas... I think Communication Nation will help you frame your message better as well. Pay close note of all the PowerPoint notes on there...

Monday, October 17, 2005

No soup for you!

I hate to be a podcast nazi, but it looks like there will be no podcasts... Not for a couple of years anyway. Keep reading for a solution in the interim.

First, why?
1. I'm starting a business (, launching soon)
2. Still have kids (but my oldest just started preschool)
3. I have a paid blogging job that earns more duckets
4. Others are doing a MUCH better job than I

You can still hear me on the TUAW podcast. It's even in the iTunes Music Store now!

Yeah, TUAW and Download Squad are eating up any "free" time I had left over. What can I say? More clicks on ads here might have led to an incentive, but I doubt it. This site gets maybe a dozen hits a week, TUAW and DLS get tens of thousands a day. It's called management. Of my time and career.

However, whenever a creative thing I find does come along, I will try to post it up here.

Also, keeping in mind I don't want Jason Calacanis to think I'm trying to start a blog network. Honest Jason, I'm not. This is a sideline for me, not a busines. Nor will it ever be. Yes, I do have some other blogs. Yes, I have like one other guy blogging "for" me, and might add one or two more-- but only for the Knoxville blog, and only because I believe it's important to have fresh angles on local events. Everything else is my own creation, and just a way to get info out there. Heck, I hardly ever touch my Apple Rant blog anymore, not because Apple doesn't tick me off from time to time, but because WIN is too important to me.

Besides, it's not like I'm making any money off this stuff. By the end of the year I'll maybe have $12 to show for all of this, and that's including my iTunes, Amazon, and Google dough. Whoopideedoo!

I've been listening to a lot of podcasts lately. There is one creativity 'cast that shall go unmentioned that is just silly. A lot of "you can do it!" kinda motivational talk. I don't get into those things. Despite what it might seem to readers here, I am pretty damned motivated. Hell, I sleep about 4 hours a night to cram in all the crap that I do, and still manage to have a big revolving To Do list (and yeah, I know about GTD... I do a modified form, OK?). Oh, and if Jason does read this, I totally need to be on the "Lost" podcast, as a wrap-up of sites with theories... Sorry to say this Ryan & C.K., but I'm not "into" listening to a non-funny MST3K-style podcast of my favorite show. I don't watch it three times a week to hear the vision-disabled version. Anyway...

So here's your creative fix in the meanwhile:
There are some great creativity podcasts out there. So a big part of my decision really came down to the fact that, if they make a great phone book, why create an inferior phone book? Just to say, "hey look at me?" I might have an ego, but it ain't that big. I get my ego fix on WIN, and even that's a crushing blow (as I see I'm not even on the charts when it comes to blogger searches)...

So here are a couple of podcasts everyone should check out for their educational value and impeccable content.

Icon-o-Cast by Lunar Design is great. It's got a bent towards the product, ad, marketing, and design crowd, but good for everyone. Why? Well, thinking about the stuff around us, how it came to be, how it could be better, and how it can really suck-- those are all important things! You have to be aware of the world around you, and Lunar, because of their position in the industry, gets some fantastic interviews...

Killer Innovations with Phil McKinney. I gotta call and leave a message for Phil. He's a man of the world with a great sense of what needs to be done, and what can be done by people. He has a way of motivating without talking down to the smart folks. Probably one of the best podcasts I've ever heard (and I've heard WAY too many). All about creativity, ideas, and innovation. Phil has some kind of dream job, and a lot of experience in the world of thought... So trust him. Check it out, definitely worth the time. His podcasts are not only brilliant, but many are timeless in their information. That is sorely lacking in the podcast world...

That's it for now. Be pissed if you want. Better yet, yell at me in the comments! (You anonymous weiners)