Monday, November 14, 2005

Da Vinci's genius for real?

According to the young man who wrote this post, Leo's genius has been tested:

Da Vinci the inventor

Pretty cool if true...

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Rationalize this!

Tattered Coat is closing down for a while as the author finishes his dissertation. So there. I just rationalized my decision to quit the podcasting thing. Between that and what might appear to be the end of my appearances on the TUAW podcast, there are now officially a mere two recordings of my voice available online. Whoop-dee-doo.

So what? Well, rationalization is such a natural human endeavor. My friend Jesse Perry came up with a great idea (among his many) for "Rationalize it, the Musical!" It would have been a hit. We all rationalize stuff. Could I make time? No, that's impossible. We all get the same number of hours in a day.

Richard Florida talks a lot about this in his work. Of course, my task is to carve out more hours via efficiency and creativity. So between now and the beginning of 2006 I'm going to work to streamline my workflow, and tune my efforts in order to free up more time. The goal is to provide the time with my family (as much as I do now, BTW), but also make time for the other projects:

1. teaching multimedia
The challenge here is pretty steep. I am required to be on-site 40hrs. per week. Within that time frame I am allowed some flexibility. A lot of my research for work spills over into my blogging. I need to further streamline that aspect. Also, interactions with students and co-workers further expands my knowledge of technology. A big hurdle will be the introduction of a new game design class. I had all but given up on getting this class, but it now looks like I have a few scant weeks to prepare... However, I'm going to really throw myself in to the class, and hope that the new learning and interaction (it's a bachelor's class) will act as an accelerant to my work.

2. blogging
Between TUAW and Download Squad it is a monumental effort to keep abreast of technology. So I need to sort of map things out. I was in a kind of coma during the mid-to-late 90's. I got back into tech around 98-99 when I moved back to Knoxville. I had always done stuff. I mean, it's in my blood. But I got more into filmmaking while in film school (logically). While at macworld this coming year I'm going to figure this one out...

3. llamapod
My little family business is about to start. I designed all the products, and really love doing it. The nuts and bolts of a business aren't so appealing to me any more, although I do want to start others. So now I'm going to be shipping and designing stuff for a bit on top of #1 and #2. Who knows where this will go? This is an unknown vector. However, this holiday season will be an indicator, and I hope to have some great feedback from it...

The first stage of generating any solution is to get the facts. I'm going to begin logging my hours, and getting a handle on things in the next 2 1/2 months. Optimizing along the way, I hope to "make" more time. Neat.