Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hi Everybody! plus, a quick tip

Well, I had no idea anyone was still around... Thanks for the comments. Seriously, those things drive me to blog more (and leave my family in the dust... just kidding honey!).

So my time's loss is your gain. I am going to try and get even more goodies on this blog. Creative toys, techniques, tips, tricks, honest & useful workflows, the whole shebango...

And there might even be a podcast coming! By popular request I will be resuming podcasting, even if it is on a sporadic basis. The good thing is, I'll make sure to try and get it in iTunes, so it'll be that much easier to get updates... More news as this develops.

Now for the quick tip:

Over at the Design Weblog David Chartier has a great little post about a cool design blog & series called Be Aware (link goes to number 2 in the 3 parts available).

And thanks for your support.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the podcast. Your first one was good. Love to hear more about the industry you're in and why being creative is so important to yourself. Are you still making films? Did you ever? I assume so.

I know many people who are creative but their ideas sit on a shelf. Isn't just as important to make use of your ideas as it is to conjure them up?