Saturday, August 27, 2005

How curiosity yields great (if odd) results

Worried about the math and science abilities of the next generation? Let's get back their curiosity. While I loved the new "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," the mark of our age is on it: sarcasm. Don't get me wrong, I'm a snarky commenter extraordinaire, but sarcasm is killing the "mystery" of the universe. We lose our wide-eyed wonder all too soon in this modern world.

So I'm relieved when I see people doing this:
Making a hamster-tracking system.

He had a simple question: how much time does my hamster spend on his treadmill? And in the true Da Vincian spirit he set up a methodology, and created whatever technology he needed to answer the puzzle.

Here are some sites to provoke thought, or...
Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia
The Straight Dope, fixing ignorance since 1973
listen to a different perspective
try some social software
build something cool
find out how much is inside

Podcast coming before too long folks!

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Anonymous said...

hard to keep the steam up eh? i might focus on focusing. just a thought