Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I'm remaining hopefully optimistic that the podcast will go on-air as scheduled Feb. 20. Unfortunately, my primary machine (iBook G4) has sailed away to Memphis for repair. Today. No idea when it will return.

So... I have to figure out a way to record, encode, upload, and publish the podcast betwixt now and the 20th without all my data, settings, etc. Yes, I have backup machines (and a Mac mini on the way), but none are setup for my iPod!

I suppose at this point I should mention my process for podcasting. Normally I'd eschew these details, as the world has plenty of "podcasts about podcasts" but I thought it might be enlightening for those of you new to podcasting in general.

Here's the plan:
1. After doing research and some show notes, record the podcast DIRECTLY onto the iPod using Griffin Technology's iTalk.
2. The recorded audio is transferred to iTunes, where I then use a 3rd party tool to translate it into an MP3 and add appropriate ID3 tags. At this stage I also splice in the bumper music.
3. Once I have the MP3, it's FTP'd up to the host site.
4. After that, the XML file used for RSS is hand-coded, posted, and released into the wild.
5. Using Feedburner or posting to, publicize the podcast...
6. Rake in the dough. (Joke)

This is by NO means streamlined. I'm analyzing a host of tools for automating the process. Guess I'll have to use my creative brain for that!

UPDATE: You can now subscribe to the Atom text feed of this blog! See the right-hand side of this page for the bug/link. It's the easiest way to keep track of show notes and new info.

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